A game about letting flowers grow through your emotions.

Blossom is a game that lets you grow flowers through your emotions. The game aims to explore how a game developed specifically to use input from your face can be used to create interesting mechanics.

During the game, you’ll be able to use your face to do things like responding to characters, paint and grow flowers!

The demo is made for my Industrial Design final bachelor project and includes a study to explore how the game gets experiences and eventually used to create recommendations for usage for other cases such as improving interoceptive awareness or training expression of emotions.


  • Download the launcher using the button above.
  • Unzip the files and start the launcher (Blossom_launcher.exe).
  • If you choose to participate in the study, a survey will open automatically after exiting the game.
Play the demo

Paintings made by you!

Check out the gallery


The tracking seems off / keeps losing my face

The game works the best when there are good lighting conditions and your face is fully in frame. Try to change your position, angle yourself differently to windows or different lights and make sure you’re not too close (or far) from your screen.


The game does not show my webcam

Upon starting the game, your face should be shown. If this is not the case, go into the Windows settings (Win + i) and make sure ‘Allow apps to access your camera’ is toggled in camera privacy settings.

Secondly, make sure no other programs are using your camera at the moment (so you unfortunately can’t play the game while on a video call). If anything else occurs, feel free to use the contact info at the bottom of the page.


I get a message saying ‘Windows protected your PC’

Windows 10 users might get this popup, it is nothing harmful. To launch the game, click on ‘More Info’ and use the ‘Run anyway’ button.


Can the game be played without taking part in the study?

Yes! If you don’t check the consent checkmark, data about your play session will not be tracked. Online saving to the painting with your face gallery is not linked to the study and will be possible regardless.


How does the game track your emotions?

The game tracks certain points on your face, according to the facial action coding system. You can think of movements such as raising an eyebrow or opening your mouth. This data has been put through a machine learning algorithm to train a model that can translate these different points into a score for your current emotion.


Any other questions?

You can contact me at blossom (at) or by using the contact form using the button below.