The Ballroom

Header photo by Bart van Overbeeke

Moved by Light





The Ballroom is an interactive light installation made by Team IGNITE for the GLOW 2021 festival. The theme of the year
was ‘Moved by Light’ which fit our beams that tracked visitors and invited them for a dance. The goal of the installation was to bring people together and create social cohesion at a time it was most needed.

The installation was situated at the Markthal on the TU/e campus and included a lot of collaboration with other student groups such as music from ESMG Quadrivium and dancers from Footloose as well as light designer Phillip Ross. The event was a great success and got awarded the Crowe Talent Award public prize and produced many smiles and great moves from visitors at GLOW.

My role as a designer was to look at the light aesthetics, music and the overall experience. The context of a light festival with a lot of visitors and operating mostly independently based on the technology was a great challenge.