Hello! Hola! Velkommen! Bienvenue! Konichiwa… Aloha! How ya doing? Yo! And in any language: Welcome to LEGO Island!





Project Island is a collaborative game project I started aiming to reimagine the 1997 PC game LEGO Island. This game has been a childhood favourite of mine and something I wanted to create something for in its honour.

Though it started as a small effort, the project grew into a large international effort of talented fans to form a team. The project gathered interest and formed a community of well over 2000 members, as well as developers from the original games.

For the LEGO Group’s celebration of 25 years of video games, I was invited to talk about the project on an official podcast celebrating the legacy of their games and I stayed in touch afterwards.

The project learned me a lot about managing a large asynchronous team, marketing the project and the game design and development process. It also was a space to expand my creative and technological skills in C#, graphic design, animations and music.