Let your emotions blossom




Final Bachelor Project

Blossom is a game about growing flowers through your emotions.

Blossom explores how facial input through a camera can be used to create interesting game mechanics, as well as give players insight into their emotions and psychological state. This can be applied to designing novel inputs or in contexts such as mental health, improving interoceptive awareness or training to express different emotions in a fun and engaging way.

During the game, players can interact with characters by expressing different emotions, making paintings with their head movements and transforming the world. You will be sent on an adventure with different levels with painterly nature scenes accompanied by an original soundtrack.

Creating a full vertical slice of a game on my own and designing with a focus on less commonly used inputs and technologies in games was a great experience. The overall setting and mood also played a big role in making players feel comfortable expressing themselves and to do this I created calming landscapes, impressionist-inspired music and witty dialogue.

Paintings made by you!

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Thanks for playing! The demo for Blossom has currently ended. If you are interested for usage, please send a message using the contact page.