Cosmic Composer

Let your imagination take flight and create your own musical masterpiece!




The LEGO Group


Final Master Project

Cosmic Composer is my graduation project done in collaboration with the LEGO Games department in Billund, Denmark.

In Cosmic Composer, you are an astronaut tasked to explore a planet in which everything is made out of music. Players can create their own melodies, rhythms and change the overall soundscape by interacting with bricks, characters and objects in the world.

This project also dives into the collaboration between the LEGO Group and Epic Games to create a kid-friendly metaverse. My vision is that this should be a space to explore your passions and be creative and create an inclusive space with considerate social interactions and respect for the physical world.

The project is very close to my passion and also helped me grow a lot. From creating a full game in Unreal Engine with high-quality aesthetics, including play-to-learn concepts, to formulating and incorporating various values to create a healthy new space. Being part of the LEGO Group and having the expertise of so many great people made it a fantastic experience.