design and sensorial form

"If I could persuade you of one thing, it should be this: the world is small and fragile, and humanity is huge, dangerous and powerful."

Jørgen Randers




Design and Sensorial Form

This project was part of the course Design and Sensorial Form. In it, a few artifacts were made that targeted stimulation of different senses. This included representing a gradient from lockdown to freedom in materials and shapes and a dark futuristic view of Eindhoven in 2052 with energy as an extreme scarcity. The course taught me a lot about applying different tactics for engaging certain modalities effectively. It was enjoyable to create more conceptual work though could use more conceptual clarity after being abstracted.
The course was a good insight into visual, sound and sensorial design. How do different physical qualities translate and what could they communicate? This perspective is valuable to take along in different areas of design.